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Our goals

University Sustainable Development Committee, in line with the University Statute and planning tools, promotes the active participation of all members of the university community in the implementation of sustainable policies at university and in the territory, providing food for thought and strategic support to decision-making bodies for the creation of a more sustainable future.

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Reducing energy dependence on fossil fuels and increasing renewable energy sources

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Enhancing sustainable mobility


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Social equity and gender equality

Promotion of gender equality and social equity in cooperation with other University bodies and units

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Sustainable waste management, recycling of waste material and implementation of upcycling

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Green and biodiversity

Enhancement and maintenance of the University arboreal holdings and preservation of biodiversity

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Education and culture

Raising student and staff awareness of sustainability issues through educational initiatives, events, and communication campaigns

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Combating the consumption of water in plastic bottles and increasing public water supply

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Raising awareness of the importance of a healthy and sustainable diet within the university

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Socio-environmental reporting of the University and participation in international sustainability rankings

Our actions

Latest news from Sustainable Unipi

University Sustainable Development Committee coordinates, promotes, and disseminates events aimed at spreading the culture of sustainability


You can write us through the form in the Contact section.
If you have questions on specific topics, you can contact the individual members of the Commission.