Unipi Sostenibile

Our actions

For the University of Pisa, the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda are at the forefront of actions and strategic decisions. In pursuing a more sustainable future, the University's Commission for Sustainable Development (CoSA) works across multiple crucial areas.

With a more conscious use of energy, embracing renewable sources, reducing carbon footprint, and rethinking waste collection policies with the aim of waste reduction.

Water is precious, so the University promotes conscious use of public water, reducing single-use plastic. We advocate for responsible mobility, encouraging the use of bicycles and electric vehicles. The University is dedicated to continually increasing green spaces and preserving its valuable biodiversity.


We are committed to social equity and gender equality, ensuring an inclusive environment, and working to educate and promote a culture of sustainability so that students become stewards of the planet tomorrow.

We take responsibility for our actions and commit to being a model of accountability, leading the change towards a more sustainable world."